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With Trimlog you can analyze and improve your sailing training and boattrim.

Collect data about your boat trim and record your sailing training via GPS tracking in just a few steps.

Analyze your performance and trim with graphs and statistics. Or even better, get the perfect trim shown right before you sail.

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Choose ready-made templates for the most popular boat classes. Our templates allow you to work more efficiently and compare with your sailing friends or your traning group. You can also manage more than one boat.

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Trimlog: From sailors for sailors

Trimlog was developed out of a problem that we, the developers of Trimlog, know very well ourselves. In more than 10 years in sailing, coaches have often advised us to have a trim diary. Our experience: In reality, very few people do this. No wonder, because pen and paper are already fundamentally inconvenient in a water sport, but the problem is that you don't do much with a book full of unsorted and unstructured numbers. The original idea for Trimlog was therefore to develop a digital and partially automated trim diary that would allow quick entry of trim, location and weather conditions. Furthermore, Trimlog should be able to present and sort the collected data in a way that sailors can benefit from the data. In the meantime, Trimlog has grown beyond this idea and offers a much wider range of functions, including GPS tracking for sailing training. Through this, we aim to deepen the data-based analysis capabilities for sailors.

Success on the water - with tools from Trimlog

Log your boat trim and record your sailing training. Easily collect data on your performance.

Analyze your trim and training with sailing partners and coaches for the greatest learning effect in training.

Benefit from personalized and weather-dependent trim recommendations for your upcoming sailing session. Save time on tedious trial and error trimming and start training right away.

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